Our Programs


Leadership Development

The heart of our program is the team experience. With over 100 hours of lacrosse practice annually our players learn the fundamentals of the sport and the key life skills of being a good teammate and leader, including: unconditional love, personal accountability, resilience, persistence, and positive communication.

Academic Advocacy

We track all of our players grades and set a goal of getting a B or better in all classes. Each OLC team has an assigned Academic Coach who develops individual success plans for students that need support in core academic classes. Additionally, we support 8th grade families in selecting a high school through Oakland Public School’s open Enrollment process.  

College and Career Exploration

College visits, career exploration, and outdoor excursions are all part of our enrichment program so that we can expose our players to in order to broaden their horizons. In the summer, we run a week long college and exploration camp focused on goal setting and exploring various career pathways. This year our players had the opportunity to visit local businesses and schools like the Oakland A’s, Laney College and UC- Berkeley. Additionally we travelled down to the Google Campus in Mountain View and took a tour of UC- Santa Cruz.

Wellness Education

The focus of our wellness program is: how to fuel an athlete’s body. At every practice and game the Oakland Lacrosse Club provides a healthy snack option. Additionally, our players participate in nutrition workshops that center on the impact of processed foods versus whole foods on the body and how to fuel our bodies for optimal athletic performance.

Our Impact


Over 80% Average Daily Attendance


Over 85% of players were exposed to new opportunities and felt supported in reaching their goals


Over 90% of players reported feeling supported by peers and coaches in facing and overcoming challenges