Through lacrosse we support Oakland Public School students in becoming healthy, confident, and self empowered youth who effectively navigate systems, overcome challenges, and achieve their education, and life goals.


The Oakland Lacrosse Club uses a sports-based youth development approach that helps each player develop Habits of Mind, Habits of Heart and Habits of Healthy Living to help them succeed on the field, in the classroom, and in the community. In order to meet this goal we apply a holistic model:


Team Experience

The heart of our program is the team experience. With over 100 hours of lacrosse practice annually our players learn the fundamentals of the sport and the key life skills of being a good teammate, including: unconditional love, personal accountability, resilience, persistence, and respect.

Academic Support

Players participating in our Academic Support Program receive over 100 hours of academic support. This includes setting an individual learning plan for each student along with study hall and communication with parents and teachers about each student's academic progress.


At every practice and game the Oakland Lacrosse Club provides a healthy snack option. Additionally, we work with Whole Foods Healthy Eating Specialists to provide hands-on workshops focussing on how to fuel an athlete's body.

Cultural Enrichment

College visits, trips to museums, and outdoor excursions are all part of our enrichment program so that we can expose players to different opportunities and expand their horizons. This year our players will visit Google, take a tour of Cal Berkeley, hike various Bay Area trails, and travel as far as Santa Barbara.

 STUDENT DIVERSITY  — Our program represents the rich diversity of Oakland

STUDENT DIVERSITY — Our program represents the rich diversity of Oakland