Meet OLC's July Player of the Month - Kayla

Kayla joined our program last fall during one of our outreach sessions at her school. She was a member of the OLC 6th grade team this past spring. Additionally, Kayla has been attending our summer clinics and attended our College and Career Exploration camp. We had the opportunity to interview Kayla about her OLC experience so far:

Name: Kayla Nuhl

Grade: 7

School: Claremont

How did you get introduced to lacrosse: Oakland Lacrosse did an outreach session at my school. I used to play softball but decided I didn't love it and lacrosse seemed to be new and interesting. 

What do you like about lacrosse: I love the friendly competition against other teams. I have also enjoyed meeting new people from all over the Oakland area.  

Academic Goals: My goal is to strive for all A's. I want to focus on changing my study habits as well as simply focusing on studying more.

Future Goals: Therapist. I would like to help people that have been bullied or are currently getting bullied.
Favorite thing about our weekly practices: Being able to spend time with my teammates, especially those who attend different schools than me. I love working with the coaches to learn how to be a better player and teammate.

Favorite Memory at OLC from the spring season: I remember one practice where I was struggling to pick up a ground ball. One of the coaches offered to stay a little later after practice with me to work on it and I was finally able to get to the point where I was consistently picking up ground balls.

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