Fueling Our Athletes

Achievement in the classroom and on the field starts with what we fuel our body with. We provide a healthy snack option at every practice and game, but we also want to give our athletes the tools to take care of themselves outside of our program. This semester the middle school boys and girls teams had the opportunity to attend nutrition workshops where they learned not only about what it means to eat a healthy meal, but how to cook one. Sweet potato tacos, chickpea curry, and an Asian chicken salad were on the menu this spring and our players used their learned skills in teamwork to cook together. Following the workshops, the majority of our students agreed that 'healthy food can taste good'. Students also reported that, after the workshop, they could now define what it meant for a food to be processed or nutrient rich. There will be two subsequent workshops this summer on July 30th and August 3rd that many of the students have already expressed interest in so we can't wait to see-and of course try- what they make!





Oakland Lacrosse