Meet Moses, OLC's Coach of the Month

We chose Moses as the Coach of the Month because he embodies the values of Oakland Lacrosse Club, and his potential to positively impact local communities grows every day. Congratulations Moses, and thank you for all your hard work!

When did you first get involved with Oakland Lacrosse Club? “I joined OLC back when I was in eighth grade, about 6 years ago.”

Where did you play in HS? “I went to high school and played lacrosse at Oakland Tech”

What is your favorite thing about OLC? “My favorite thing about OLC is the family environment”

Why did you decide to come back coach? “Right after high school, I decided to come back to OLC to coach. It was a natural and easy transition”

What is your favorite thing about coaching? “My favorite thing about coaching is interacting with all the new players”

What is your favorite memory of OLC?My favorite memory of OLC is spending time with my teammates and winning games during the Spring season. When I first started with OLC, we didn’t win very many games. Once we started winning, it was very special and fun!”

What do you do to stand out as a coach? “I have great role models. Hayden and Brozy are fantastic coaches, so I try to take after their lead. They deserve this award just as much as I do. I always try to go 100% and give the most effort during every practice.”

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