Alumni Spotlight: Drea

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OLC alum, and soon to be Golden Bear, Andrea left her mark at Oakland Tech, on and off the field. Learn more about how Drea got her start, what she has accomplished, and her future goals.

Drea, 2019 graduate and 4 year starter on the Oakland Tech Girls Lacrosse team, has been a part of the Oakland Lacrosse Club in a multitude of roles for the past 7 years. This spring Drea was recognized for her excellence in lacrosse by being named the 2019 WACC MVP and 2019 Oakland Athletic League MVP across all sports (one of 12 honored). Additionally she was named to the WACC 1st team all conference team and the US Lacrosse Academic All-American, while also earning a spot on the Oakland Athletic League 1st team all conference in soccer. We had the opportunity to sit down with Drea and discuss her experiences:

How did you get introduced to lacrosse?

OLC came to my after school program at Claremont. A friend and I were bored of the normal sports so we decided to give lacrosse a try. I fell in love pretty quickly. It was new and different but so fun! I went to a practice in the spring and, well, never looked back. 

What do you like about lacrosse?

I love how the sport pushes you to be tenacious. It's not easy to pick up - it takes time and hard work to excel. I am a very competitive person so lacrosse has let me be my super aggressive self and out sprint others all over the field. Lacrosse has challenged me to develop, and ultimately strengthen, my mental fortitude. 

What are your favorite memories from OLC?

Oh man, there are so many! I'll start with Oakland Tech - my favorite memory was from this past season when we beat Berkeley High for the first time. The entire team showed up to play. Everyone was putting in their full effort and we all came together. After that game, you could tell the pulse of the team changed! We became a close knit family. 

Another memory that has stayed with me is from an OLC summer practice a couple years ago. We were playing 3by, the game was close, and time was almost up. Ariam scored a behind the back goal and both teams playing erupted in excitement. I honestly don't remember if that was the winning goal or not but it didn't matter, both teams exploding in cheers reminded me of why I love OLC so much! 

How has OLC impacted you?

To continue from my last answer, both memories are two of many multiple examples of how OLC has impacted my life. However, unconditional love is by far what has stuck with me and impacted me the most. OLC also taught me how to become a leader. Before Oakland, I did like to lead, but I didn't know how; Oakland Lacrosse taught me how to help others while simultaneously improving my own game and skills, which was helpful at Oakland Tech on the field, and in the classroom.  

What has your experience playing and starting for Oakland Tech the last 4 years? Thoughts of the future of the program?

Playing for Oakland Tech has been an amazing experience. I loved being a part of a team whereyou can not only see the progress made each season, but during each game. It gave me a chance to really strengthen my leadership skills, while also becoming a better player. I have no idea what the future for this program looks like but if they continue on the same trajectory as the last couple years, I believe Oakland Tech has an opportunity to become a great team!  

What coaches, OLC or other, have impacted you along your journey? How?

Many coaches have made lasting impressions in my life. Coach Lena was my first coach in 6th grade and then again at Oakland Tech, and just really understands me. She pushed me to lead on the field and build up my teammates. Lena lifted me up as a player and as a teammate. 

Theresa Sherry was another coach who has impacted me through my time with Tenacity. Helped me to push my game and strengthen that mental fortitude. She saw something in me that others had not, and continually reminded me that lacrosse incorporates more than just having the best stick skills. That drew out my determination and drive to want to get better and be the best possible person and player.

What are your future goals?

I am heading to UC-Berkeley in the fall! I am technically undeclared in the college of letters and sciences but I am going in with interests in molecular and cell biology. I want to eventually go into medicine and so I am looking at going the pre-med route. Post college goals are broad at the moment. I've always wanted to be a doctor but ultimately I'm not totally sure. I did an internship in the ER department as a local hospital and loved it but who knows! I have also thought about research so all I do know is that I really just want to stay in the medicine field because it's what I love and what I am passionate about. 

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